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Я пока особо клевых амв на ФТ не видел,но это вроде ничего так :з

Song: Anywhere But Here
Artist: Mayday Parade
author: GetsusekaiStudios
comment:We proudly present you our 20th MEP, which is a Fairy Tail MEP! Hope you'll like it. Please rate and comment if you have time, we really need feedbacks.

Furthermore, we won't tolerate comments which say: "This part X was the best!" any longer, since EVERYONE of us puts effort in our work, so do not wonder if we'll delete your comment after you wrote it down ;P

Part 1: xhainexizumix (Natsu✗Lisanna)
Part 2: Aivlis96 (Loki✗Lucy)
Part 3: xLumihiutale89x (Gray✗Lucy)
Part 4: AliceJaxerques (Erza✗Gray)
Part 5: hollowXkyuubi1992 (Cana✗Gray)
Part 6: DarkAngel19921 (Gerard✗Erza)
Part 7: Buckbeak17 (Lluvia✗Lucy)
Part 8: sammycam12 (Lucy✗Natsu)

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