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Joe's Adventures: "Fun on the River"

A young boy grows up in Daytona Beach, Florida. Along with lifelong friend and cousin, they encounter many adventures and the occasional alligator.

Visit: https://youtu.be/Zt8iY5m6SMA

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Death’s Drummer

A young orphan boy enters the Civil War from a farm in the Western frontier in Iowa. He becomes a regular soldier before the war ends. Later, he deals with a phobia with death which he has taken from the war. He seems to hear an echo of drums when he encounters death.

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Chronicled Smart Supply Chain Overview

Chronicled is the first company to leverage IoT, AI, and Blockchain technologies to power end-to-end smart supply chain solutions.

Our mission is to create the world’s most trusted Internet of Things (IoT) and supply chain ecosystems.

We build blockchain-based supply chain networks with open platforms and protocols, As the leading pioneer of non-financial blockchain solutions since 2014 and a Founding Member of the Trusted IoT Alliance, our team of blockchain leaders and engineers has paved the way for how enterprises and consumers engage with the two technologies today.

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Best online acting classes in india

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Only acting academy with approximately 70% success,
Rajat Roy ONLINE Acting Classes.
AD Films, Serials & Films done by our Student's -Surf Excel, HDFC, VIVA, NECG(with Dara Singhji), Reliance, Colgate, Fire sefty, Mahindra Tractors, Tropicana Juice, Mcdonalds, Whirlpool *with Kajol*, UniHome, Sensodyne, Kent Purifire, Catch masala (With Juhi Chawla), Britannia cake, Bactershield shop, Health Ministry Public tvc ad, Mentos, Domex, SBI, Vics and many more…
Learn at your own pace at a convenient time. India's No 1 ONLINE Acting Course with promotion,Students appeared in more than 100 Ad-Films & 50+ Serials.Total Guidance provided before entering into Bollywood,Classes Directly from our Studio.
Why 70% Success: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vp3Jj0YeAwU
Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/rajatroyonlineactingclasses

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Captive Bride

Maria stood above the harbor aimlessly watching the activity on the water. Skiffs were moving back and forth preparing a merchant vessel, the Portsmouth, to sail the next day. Watching the crew and the native longshoremen lifting bale after bale of goods onto the skiff, Maria wondered, Why isn't Joaquina here to meet me, when she asked me to come and see her off? Something is not right! This naïve fifteen-year-old girl, unaware of her beauty, had no idea her life as she knew it would never be the same. She could feel a warning sign within her the moment she saw one of the men she had met that morning coming toward her.
Learn more: https://www.marjoriehersombooks.com

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How to Keep Your Mind When Everyone Else’s Is Been Blown Apart by the Land Mines of Life

The dawn of twenty-first century has brought with it numerous technological advancements that have made our life better, easier and more productive. In addition to these positive changes, it has also brought many dangerous, risky, challenging, frustrating and stressful new problems with it that are like land mines that are waiting to blow our minds apart. You may be asking, "How is this book different from the other self-help book written?" this book reveals to you the "SECRET UNIQUE INNER POWERS" and "LIFE ENERGY POTENTIAL" locked inside of yourself that you may have never discovered before. With this new edge you will develop a "PROACTIVE" state of mind that will give you power and dominion over these land mines in your life and empower you to transform your mind for success, happiness, and peace and put the "CONTROL" of your life back into your hands.

Visit: http://www.eddienaylorhowtokeepyourmind.com

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Knee Sleeve Sizing - 3 Steps To The Perfect Fit

Click here for a video summary on figuring out your measurements prior to buying knee sleeves for squatting.
Full review: https://www.kneesleevesforprs.com

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Saying Thanks and Beyond Is Saying Thank You Enough?

A simple response of “Thank You’ seems inadequate when you are on the receiving end of an act of kindness. My wife, Elsie disabled from a fall at the age of 75, received such attention as she approached a door or was in need of help in some manner. We often asked what more could be said to make the thank you more meaningful. After her death in 2015, I put some of our thoughts together and present them in this book. It offers ideas and anecdotes on ways to go beyond the ordinary response.

Remembering the effects of a ripple in the water, does the same with our words, which have the power of life or death. Just like our echo, what we say and how we act comes back to us in like form. Passing on the act of kindness, generates good will and gives benefits of encouragement, confidence and joy, knowing you have helped someone as you have been helped.

Reading about our journey will answer the question, is saying thank you enough?

Visit: http://www.writingsbyralph.com/book/

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They say it happened in 2001. On the campus of the new university of Brooks, northern Ontario, two students were in love, Si and Tony. An important person, Cynthia, wanted Tony for herself. Now Si had inherited the "gift". Can a woman with the "gift" attend university courses? Did Cynthia know that it is better to respect antique powers even if it said that they are gone? A story suggested by what people believed in the old time and by the play 'bf Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906), "Peer Gynt), set to music by Edvard Grieg (l843-1907).

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Marko Stout Rocks the Emmanual Fremin Gallery :: Opening Night Highlights

Iconic New York artist Marko Stout at the Emmanual Fremin Gallery in New York City, opening night party November 06,2017. Awesome Show!! Totally Rocked!!

Visit: http://www.marko-stout.myshopify.com

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Wake Me Up Live Video

Wake Me Up Live Video
written and performed by Prentiss.
featuring Neeka,
music by Prentiss and Linny Nance.

Watch more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1spnoUDhIN4

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Best Ice cream maker

Easy to use Ice cream maker. Step by step instructions and easy to follow a recipe.
Visit: http://www.sweeticecreammaker.com

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I Gave Up My Life to Find IT by Jule Gaige

In her book, I Gave Up My Life to Find IT, Gaige shares her journey to wholeness and her realization of her true potential for abundance, harmony, peace, and joy. Written for anyone that commits to overcoming illness, relationship discord, discontent, addiction or lack/financial unrest, I Gave Up My Life to Find IT expresses a greater life purpose. What makes this book different than others in the genre is that Gaige gently guides the reader through the process to repair the breaks caused by mind. Resisting one's true potential means losing the perspective of how vast and significant our true power is. By accepting limitations in mind, we learn to forget our infinite capacity. Gaige's book is a push back for each of us to “walk our talk.”

Visit: http://www.julegaige.com

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Join the new uforoom.com social media site

uforoom.com is a new user social media site much like facebook. where users can share ufo pics and stories and meet new friends.

Visit: https://www.uforoom.com

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Homemade Wind Generator

This homemade wind generator was done with some spare parts and a wind generator mount. I just took it down yesterday. I had used 3/4 inch

pipe and it wobbles in high winds. I will get a two inch pipe and see how that works.

I have two more wind generators to repair. this summer a fourth wind generator is going up for the first time.

By then I hope to be making 10 Kw of solar electricity every day.

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My first wind generator

This is my first wind generator. I was so happy and ran the wires through a diode and charged a pair of batteries. I also had a 45 watt solar panel. That was a trickle charge with two such small chargers.

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Solar Pool Heater

The Solar Pool Heater happened because of a ridiculously cool summer and it was to cold to get in the water. I started the solar pool heater with

garden hoses. I use a 12 volt DC pump that pushes 109 gallons per hour. I think the solar pool heater runs half of that due to the resistance of

550 foot of 1 1/4 inch hose.

Solar Links:

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Pain Music

New Music Alert.
Pain Music by Lagato Shine ft Benny Chase
Like & Share
Purchase link - https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/lagato-shine/id477942912
Im sending this one out to everybody out there chasing their dreams…in the word of my lil cuz Ty the top is just a step away from that dream

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Haley Smith - I Miss My Daddy (Official Music Video)

I Miss My Daddy by Haley Smith ft. Chäs Bronxson

Haley Smith, a 13-year old aspiring singer grieves the loss of her father in this emotional, fictitious but very relatable story of a daughter missing her father, who separated from her mother.


Produced by Chäs Bronxson
Keyboards: Steven G. Thompson, 2nd
Guitar: Chris Velez
Lead & Background Vocals: Haley Smith
Add vocals: Chäs Bronxson & Lisa Warburton
Mixed by Chäs Bronxson
Mastered @ G&J Audio - Union City, NJ
The -I Miss My Daddy- Complete EP available May 2017!!

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Had Enough - No Loyalty

Had Enough delivers a gut wrenching video featuring Garrett Heck.
Directed by Brandon Young. Written by Ryan Paquette & Brandon Young. Visuals by Jae Whompus. Instrumentals by Hanto.

Be sure and download the single today on all major platforms:
Itunes - https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1236944916 - no loyalty
Google Play -
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/4m3p5tdhw9mrVND96FmyQD

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Grid Tie Inverters For Solar And Wind Generators

Inverters for solar panels. I have several grid tie inverters. The power produced from the solar panel goes through the grid tie inverter and turns into AC electricity and plugs into the outlet. I have 20 solar panels going through three grid tie inverters in the garage.

DIY Solar and Wind just one solar panel at a time.

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New Wind Generator Blades

New Wind Generator Blades. Now I have to buy poles for the refurbished wind generator and make a tail. Then I will run the wires to the battery bank.

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BLACK OPS official music video (GET DOWN) ft jon e cash & straps grimezilla

GET DOWN New single from Da BlackOps Album (Monster music) By JonE Cash & Straps GRIMEZILLA.

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Keep on Fighting

Keep On Fighting
Director/Writer: Ronyai Hawkins
Editor/Videographer: Josue Velez
Videographer: Maury Lambright
Cinematographer: Argelia Campos
Songwriters: Ronyai Hawkins and Dexter Eldmire

Cast: Dexter Eldmire, Crystal Black, Argelia Campos, Rolando Wharton, Mariam Mansour, Raphael Ortiz, Andrew Dozier, Chase Rangel, Terrell Hope, Dujuan Cole, Caisey Cole, Aleathia Dupree, Alondra Woods, William Smahylee, Terrence Mitchell, Riley Casimir, Xavier Casimir, Maxwell Casimir, Harrison Gettings, Grace Temple of Praise Childrens Choir

Single will be released soon on all digital Music retail stores
find Paint With Words On Facebook also www.Ronyai.com
All copyrights reserved to Paint With Words Inc. 2016

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Young Nasaro - Dead Presidentz (Official Music Video)

Young Nasaro's new single off his upcoming project this spring titled "Dead Presidentz". This is to bring that old nice nostalgic hip-hop feel back into 2017. Just remember, REAL HIP-HOP WILL NEVER DIE. *Make sure to LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY PAGE FOR MORE*

Shot & Edited By: Francisco Perez @shotbycisco
Beat Produced By: Right Beat Radio

Follow ME On Social Media:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/YoungNasaro
Instagram: @youngnasaro
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/young-nasaro

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